DOLLARBOYZ is massive youth-led performing and media arts movement that attracts youth from all over the world.

Their legendary movement is best known for creating Philly’s native dance, “Tangin”, and have received more than 14.7 million hits on both YouTube and Soundcloud.

Being a hub for youth all over the world, DollarBoyz creates a positive force for change by exposing "hard to reach" and vulnerable youth to social development through the entertainment arts, entrepreneurship, and social gatherings.

Goal 1: Improve academic performance
Goal 2: To reduce the number of school-aged dropouts
Goal 3: Build self-confidence through exposure
Goal 4: Develop stage presence through performance and entertainment Goal 5: Give youth an outlet to become entrepreneurs
Goal 6: Give youth a safe, and positive outlet off of the streets

Membership: 8,000+ Registered members throughout the World
Social Media: 371,000+ Followers (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Accounts) Youtube: 14,712,567+ Video Views & 29,000+ Subscribers Soundcloud: 23,500,000+ Song Plays & 32,997 Subscribers

Tyree “TOPDOLLAR” Dumas is the 30-year old visionary behind the DOLLARBOYZ Empire.  

In 2012, at the age of 23, Tyree became the youngest person in the US to create a full-time brick and mortar school called Y-NOT Academy. This Philadelphia based school was a partnership with PA Leadership, created to engage Middle school & HighSchool students with real world entrepreneurial & entertainment arts development programs.

Tyree is currently focused on re-branding the DOLLARBOYZ Movement, while mentoring through BE D1FFERENT, a movement that empowers young people to stay true to themselves never compromising their self worth to fit in.

"Throughout my life I've always been the type of person to take on challenges to prove the impossible, possible.

Growing up I've witnessed my peers fall victims to the streets, and/or allow their dreams to be deterred for various reasons.

Although it's the most difficult challenge of them all, I have devoted my life to saving the lives of our youth, showing them that it is possible to make it even against all odds."